ESA - European Space Agency

GSA - European GNSS Agency (EC)

REA - Research Executive Agency (EC)


COREGAL - Combined Positioning-Reflectometry Galileo Code Receiver for Forest Management

CYGNSS - Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (NASA)

GARCA - GNSS-Reflectometry Assessment of Requirements and Consolidation of Retrieval Algorithms (ESA)

GOLD RTR - GPS Open Loop Differential Real-Time Receiver (IEEC/CSIC)

MERRByS - Measurement of Earth Reflected Radio-navigation Signals By Satellite (Techdemosat)

PBO H2O - GPS reflection from NSF Plate Boundary Observatory to study the water cycle (US)

SARGO - System to Acquire Refelcted GNSS signals for Oceonography (DEIMOS)

spyGLASS - Galileo-based passive radar system for maritime surveillance


IGS - International GNSS Service

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