First E-GEM Workshop


The purpose of this workshop was to bring together the first line of potential users of the GNSS-R Earth Observation data products, as well as technology developers and other interested parties, in order to collect inputs regarding the community’s interest and activities in this field. The workshop also serves to foster future collaborations between the participants and project partners, in both the technology development and downstream applications. Of particular relevance and interest for E-GEM project members are the cross-validation of GNSS-R derived products.


The First E-GEM Workshop took place at the Hotel Hilton Québec, room Dufferin, on 19 July 2014, from 9:00 am to 16:00 pm.


9:00 Welcome

9:10 Project Overview

9:30 Partners Presentations - Instruments

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 Partners Presentations - Algorithms and Applications

12:00 Invited presentations - Missions

13:00 Lunch

14:20 Invited presentations - Applications

15:00 Open Discussion

End of Workshop


Presentation are available here