Master Tiago Mendes "Water Surface Altimetry using GNSS Reflected Signals: Performance Analysis"

Tiago Mendes analysed in his master thesis the results of the first field campaigns of SARGO

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Participation in IGARSS 2015

The International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium 2015 (IGARSS 2015) was held in the Convention Center in Milan, Italy.

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First Reporting Period Meeting

Marking overview of the first year of activities in E-GEM, it took place in Lisbon the First Reporting Period meeting.

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Participation in GNSS+R 2015 Potsdam

The GNSS reflectometry is a new emerging field in geodesy and for the first time the workshop will be held at a famous historical place in Germany.

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UPC PYCARO Payload in Bexus 19 Campaign

On-board the ESA-sponsored BEXUS 19 stratospheric balloon, the PYCARO reflectometer, the payload of the 3Cat-2 mission was in the campaign in the Esrange Space Center

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3Cat-2 In Operations

CubeCat -2 nano-satellite, carrying as main payload the GNSS Reflectometry instrument PYCARO...

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E-GEM New Website

The E-GEM Portal, a web site dedicated to public dissemination of information and achievements of the project as been redesigned.

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SARGO Instaled in VTS Lisbon

SARGO Instrument was successfully instaled on top of VTS Lisbon.

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E-GEM First Workshop

The first E-GEM workshop took place last July, bringing together the first line of potential users, as well as technology developers and other interested parties.

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E-GEM Project Kick Off

The E-GEM Kick Off meeting took place in Lisbon on the 9th and 10th of January 2014. This was the first E-GEM meeting and marked the start of activities for the project.

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